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Market Republic fuels your revenue pipeline with targeted, verified and up-to-date leads. We use the same data to enrich the digital advertising programs and shake up your inbound lead generation.

We provide you with data and the process that will help you close the deals faster.

Lead Generation and
Data Enrichment

Fill the contact lists in your CRM or Marketing Automation Software with targeted, verified and up-to-date leads. Program is tailored to meet your exact needs and can be scaled, tracked and optimized in no time. Our experienced market research team always goes one step further in identifying the most accurate leads in your target market.

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Growth Hacking and
Creative Services

We use enriched customer data from lead generation programs and other insights to light up your online presence. A perfect mix of activities include copywriting, online advertising, web design and SEO. Our highly-skilled professionals work on your rapid and sustainable growth and advise you on defining the most important marketing channels for your business.

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Business and
Data Analysis

Define sales trends and find your perfect customer profile from historical data. We are slicing, dicing and crunching data from any source to find trends and potentials that will help us connect the dots. Our experienced team of business analysts will help you connect sales, marketing and product efforts through powerful data analysis.

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Recent Blog posts & Resources

differences between inbound and account based selling

Whether you will chose Inbound or Account Based Selling depends on the product you’re selling and type of companies you’re targeting. When choosing your sales method you have to consider the sales cycle, how the companies buy (i.e. is there one person in charge or a committee of decision makers?), what are their expectations (are they an independent business that just needs a little help or a company that needs constant guidance and reassurance?), etc.

50 tools for account based selling

Account Based Selling is all about data. Data about your current and potential customer’s spending cycles, data about decision makers, data about changes inside the company, etc. The more you know about your customers (accounts) – the more likely you are to sell, upsell and cross-sell. This much information can ultimately be overwhelming for any sales rep, but luckily there are dozens of tools that can help you manage all the bits and pieces and optimize it so that you get only the information you need when you need it.

what is account based selling and how to use it to sell more

Did you ever have an excellent product or service, perfectly suited for a target company, but you never closed the deal? Surprisingly, your far less qualified competition won the account and now you’re sitting and wondering what went wrong. The answer is probably - Account Based Selling. They had contact with multiple decision makers and you didn’t. Nowadays, when about 6 to 8 decision makers are included in the purchasing process, you cannot afford to have one point of contact. 

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