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Many companies are reluctant to outsource their lead list building out of fear that it may take too much of their time or turn into an organizational nightmare. So sometimes without even asking that very agency how the process works they give up and decide to spend hours and hours doing their own lead list building or outsource it to a less qualified third party.

Let us tell you right away – it is not a complicated process.

What you need to do before you hire a lead list building agency?

Before you even start your list building, you should make your Ideal Buyer Persona profile that will guide you through your sales process. It can be based on your competition’s clients if you haven’t started your sales yet or based on your own clients if you already closed some deals.

You should be able to give the list building agency information about industry and size of the companies you’re targeting as well as key decision makers that are most likely to make the decision of buying your product or service.

A good lead list building agency should be able to work with this information, even suggest some other industries, verticals, companies and decision makers you should target.

What Kind Of Lead List Building Agency Should You Hire?

You should be able to find a lead list building agency that suits your needs. There are those that charge per lead and those that charge per hour, after all, you can hire a list building freelancer, too. 

Whatever pricing model you pick (although we recommend the one by the hour for those in need for thousands of leads), make sure the agency is actually going to deliver what you need. You can maybe ask them for the free sample of contacts and see if the delivered list is something that you can work with.

This should give you a pretty clear idea of whether they are just scraping the web or actually looking for leads that fit your IBP.

The agency should have a capability to easily scale up in case you change your sales and marketing strategy and decide you need way more contacts than before or want to target a new audience fast. This should not be a problem for those agencies that have their own research team and don’t outsource their work to freelancers.

How Does An Onboarding Of Lead List Building Agency Work?

In case of Market Republic, we are ready to start working as soon as the contract is signed, which can also be done in a matter of hours or less. So it mostly depends on the client i.e. you and procedures inside your company.

It really isn’t more complicated than finding a freelancer, except agency can be a far better choice when it comes to quality of leads, a number of contacts, data points and most importantly, you will have a single point of contact that handles all your requests and gives you feedback. 

What is more, agency acts as your partner or even part of your organization, trying to assess your strengths and review your current sales process. If you don’t already possess one, the agency can prepare a unique Value Proposition that can make your messaging clear and easily accessible to a wider audience. 

Some agencies, including Market Republic, are able to overtake your Outbound sales, composing email threads, organizing and scheduling email campaigns and managing your CRM, making sure your sales targets are met, maybe even exceeded.

What You Need To Provide To The Lead List Building Agency?

All we need to start is your Ideal Buyer Persona profile and maybe a list of companies that have been or still are your customers. We will look for similar companies that fit your IBP and even suggest some others that you have not considered.

You can tell us what kind of decision makers you need on your list or let us do the search for you. Our extensive experience has taught us to look for specific decision makers for different clients (software startups, news agencies, procurement companies) and we’ve rarely been wrong. 

Once we start our research, we’re ready to deliver you fresh leads, no older than 24 hours, every week, so you can start your sales process and continue with your sales undisturbed.

Market Republic also offers data appending services for those who already have lists with contacts but not enough information. 

Companies like TwilioQuid and Guidance have already reaped benefits from hiring a lead list building agency so feel free to contact us if you need any help with building your lead list.


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