dangers of outdated lead list

It is well known to every salesman that 30% of all sales leads is unusable within a year. People change companies and roles within the same organization. Companies grow or downsize. Anything can happen in a year.

Low open, reply and conversion rates, as well as high spam and bounce rates, are the first indicators that your lead list might need some freshening up.

Maybe you bought these contacts from an unreliable source or your CRM data hasn’t been updated in a while. So you have to be careful about the source of lead lists you want to use.

And lead lists can be HUGE. We’re talking about hundreds and thousands of contacts. We know that a large list can seem like a chest full of treasure, but the truth is that about a third of them are probably zircon that belong in the trash can.

The bigger the lead list – the more time it will take you to update it.

The bigger the lead list – the more traps for your sales team to fall into and turn a harmless prospecting session into a nightmare.

In case you are not sure why you should update your lead list ASAP, we’re giving you 5 potential dangers that an outdated list can put you into.

1. You can be marked as spam

With outdated lead lists there is far greater chance of you being marked as spam. 

You are sending your email outreach to a company contact you bought or used a long time ago.

If you bought the list, you are just one of many companies spamming the same person (you’re probably not the only one who bought the cheap list). And all of a sudden you see in your email automation software you are getting marked as spam. People might have changed roles or left companies that you are targeting. The people receiving auto-forwarded emails aimed at their predecessors don’t care about your offer - hence your emails are seen as spam.

Don’t risk being labeled as a spammer just because you didn’t have time to update your lead lists. 

Don’t risk having to explain that you’re not a spammer to your email provider and to the email automation software you’re using.

Even for the busiest sales departments out there, there’s a solution – outsource your lead enrichment to a company specialized in creating lead lists

You will get fresh and carefully picked leads with 98% accuracy and your chances of ending up in spam folders will be reduced to a minimum.

2. You can seem unprofessional

A company that is supposed to help someone improve their business but can’t even find the right email address? Please.

All of your sales efforts, your products or services can seem unreliable if you are sending your emails to the wrong people.

That kind of neglect shows you don’t know your industry and people in it and you probably haven’t done the research to base your product/service on. 

There is no need for you to seem unprofessional just because you forgot to update your email list.

3. You are wasting your time

Outdated lead list means you are sending emails and calling people that are not that interested in your product or service. 

You are trying to convince them into purchasing something they don’t need.

After a few attempts you realize they are not going to buy your product or service and then you go back to finding new prospects which may take days or weeks.

Or, you’re sending new offers to your old sales list just to check if contacts are still valid. Only two things can be the result of such action – wasted time and marked as spam.

Don’t forget about all the time you will spend trying to convince your email provider and email automation software company (who can be very strict about their spam policies) that you are not a sales bot.

Why spend your time on old contacts when you can start with potential customers right away by just updating your sales list in advance?

4. You are losing money

For every contact that is not interested that you’re trying to convince, there is one contact that you could persuade into buying that you just don’t know about.

You are losing the money every time you waste your time talking to or writing to an outdated contact.

If you update your lists beforehand you will be talking only to potential buyers that might become your clients right away or in the near future.

Not only are you losing potential customers with outdated lists – you are paying your sales team to spend their time on wrong contacts and looking for new ones.

Free your sales team and enable them to sell to the right people by giving them highly targeted lead lists in advance.

5. You are losing credibility

Not to sound like a gossip column, but the more unprofessional you seem the more rumor will spread in the business world.

“You know that company that tried to sell us that thing that we don’t need? 

Yeah, they called us, too.“

Bad news spread like wildfire, don’t let small mistakes ruin everything you worked for.

How to make sure a lead list is not outdated?

Best advice would be – always use fresh carefully picked lead lists. 

Second best advice – use your lead list immediately after you’ve purchased it.

Changes in business world are so frequent nowadays that you can’t afford to wait a month or more with your lead lists or risk purchasing even older ones.

By using fresh lead lists you will notice significant improvement in your open, click and reply rates.

Make sure you are buying your lead list at the right time and from the right source. Don’t purchase it now for the product you’re going to release in 6 months.

You can make your own lead lists by using one of many Account Based Selling tools or outsource lead generation to companies like Market Republic

We guarantee that our team composed of humans, not AI, will find the perfect match for your Ideal Buying Personas and deliver a list of fresh hand picked contacts for your sales funnel smoothie. If you want a freebie - click here!


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