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How to Align Outbound and Inbound Through Google AdWords

Companies committed to digital marketing on the wiser side of the coin (aka Account Based Selling and Account Based Marketing side) are putting in some serious effort to align their sales and marketing teams so they work in unison as a way of maximizing their ROI and exceeding their revenue goals. This is because forward thinking companies and top-notch management understands that aligning sales and marketing can drive some serious revenue and take the game to the next level.

In this case there is no sales funnel and marketing funnel, there is only one funnel – the revenue funnel.

There is a bunch of different tactics about aligning your sales and marketing team, but here is one that works miracles!

B2B generated leads, especially contact details harvested by desktop research for your sales team’s email outreach can be combined with AdWords through a remarketing program. It’s a pretty simple domino effect for witch you only need to make sure to place a URL of your homepage or a specially designated landing page within sales emails and lay back and watch it happen. 

Let’s do some math so you can see how mighty this effect is.

For example, your sales team sends out an email blast to 500 leads every week in a regular email sales outreach. Let’s say the open rate for your initial email contact is 60% – in this case amounting to 300 opened emails.

This is where your magic in combining outbound and inbound begins.

Remember, your initial sales email should have a link to your website embedded somewhere – in the text of the email, usually in the signature. If approximate click through rate for sent emails is 30% you will, in effect, have 150 leads who visited your website just from the initial email.

Once they visit your website, they will pick up a cookie and there you go – you have leads which can now be targeted both through sales follow-ups and through Google AdWords remarketing. From that moment on, your possibilities are endless both in terms of driving leads through the revenue funnel and in terms of making your sales and marketing teams communicate better. 

You can mix in the email outreach and remarketing campaigns very precisely. If you have a special discount or you are hosting an event, you should align your sales emails messaging with the embedded landing page in the email to promote the event. Further down the line, you can get more effective and get more open and click trough rates if your B2B lead gen efforts are targeting companies that might be interested in the special discount or the event you are promoting. It does take a little more research to get this precise, but if you are all about account targeting it’s worth it – you get the maximum out of a single batch of leads, nothing is lost or wasted.

Source: Biznetdigital

What is actually happening here:

  1. For leads which weren’t converted through sales activities you get a second chance to convert them through marketing. 
  2. Your sales and marketing will be targeting the same people with the same messaging, amplifying the effects of the campaigns.
  3. Each department will play a vital role in the revenue cycle and their roles will be intertwined – marketing and sales will work as one and depend on each other throughout the cycle, sharing their successes, maximizing ROI and driving revenue.
  4. Streamlining the process in this way will give salespeople an opportunity for a deeper understanding of prospects and much more precision in deciding when to reach out to them based on the marketers feedback.

It is shortsighted to perceive email outreach to cold leads as inefficient. The point of sending an email campaign is not limited to the seller scheduling a call but it can also be used to draw cold leads into the marketing funnel and to make them warm (or warmer).

And for those determined to attack on all fronts - this kind of remarketing, now named Pixel, is available on all social networks. Facebook (and Instagram), Twitter and LinkedIn are helping you reach all your website visitors by simply embedding a code to your website.

Just imagine the machinery when you scale up the leads volume feeding your sales and marketing funnels. We already wrote about how you can use some of the tools available to find and verify emails.

Doing B2B lead gen in house can be cost effective if you are in early stages of testing the business model, but if you are looking for professional support while your sales team is growing, make sure to check our B2B lead generation program

We can provide you with 98% accurate leads and you can free your sales team to focus on sales and business development instead of lead generation.

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