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Why up to date contact list is one of the most important things in your sales and marketing efforts


Every salesperson and marketer knows the importance of their contact list. It’s a treasure trove full of potential customers that will, provided you sent them the right information, soon become your dear customers. 

This may be old news for people in the sales and marketing, but it’s probably breaking news for the startups. 

The contact lists you already have got less and less relevant every day, in fact so much that in a single year 30% of them are completely unusable. To help you understand this statement better – go through the phonebook on your smartphone, see if all the numbers you saved can actually be used and still belong to that one person. Who the hell is John G?

Now you can imagine what happens to the list of complete strangers that you haven’t heard from in months maybe even years.

What happens when your list is not updated?

Worse thing that happens is you emailing people that don’t even work at that company or no longer have that job title makes you seem like a sales/marketing slob that doesn’t know left from right. 

You get labeled as spam and the more complains you get – the more endangered your entire sales process is.

Most email services charge by the number of emails sent so you can save your money reaching out to those that really matter. Besides letting your sales reps contact someone who is no longer in position to buy your product or service is a sheer waste of time and money.

Once your list is clean, you will be able to make meaningful connections and relationships with those that actually are interested in your service or product.

When to clean your contact list?

The frequency of your data appending (as we marketing and sales experts like to call it) depends on the origin of your list.

If you bought lead list from a dubious source that was probably scraped off the internet the right time would be about now.

In case you had someone, freelancer or a specialized agency, do your list building for you, maybe every couple of months or once a year as a worst-case scenario. Same thing with the lists you built yourself.

The cleaning also depends on the size of your list and how you attracted those contacts. The bigger the list – the more often it needs to be updated. If you attracted your leads with not so targeted approach, expect many unfit contacts in your list.

How to clean your list?

You can always do it yourself by following up on your contacts. If your list is huge it will take you a lot of time that you may not have.

You can follow the opens and replies in your email automation flow and delete the ones that are neither opening nor replying to your messages. They probably just like their Inbox full.

A similar procedure would be to contact those that reached the end of your automation flow and ask them if you should keep sending them emails. Don’t spam people that are just not interested or signed up out of sheer curiosity. Be responsible when doing business and face the facts. All your lists are easily customizable and keeping contacts in it just for the sake of its size doesn’t make any sense in this day and age.

The most timesaving option is to outsource your list updating to someone who is specialized in lead generation. The selected person or an agency will dedicate all their time to research people on your list and check if their contact information is still accurate by doing multiple verifications. They will remove the duplicates and make sure to update it with as many data points as you need, so you can focus on closing deals.

Does your list need updating?

Does your smartphone phonebook need updating? You know the answer to this question, but you never seem to find the time.

If you have a large list of contacts that are not replying and you’re seeing large bounce rate – there’s your first sign of warning.

Purchased lists that you never used or used long time ago can also be a large source of useless contacts.

If you collected the leads yourself but now they seem like there is not enough information – they can be updated.

If you’re a startup thinking contacting everyone inside a potential customer company would be a good idea – you definitely need an update.

Hopefully, we helped you realize the importance of fresh lead lists, if you have any more questions - feel free to contact us.




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