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Cleaning Your Email List


We have spoken on several occasions about the importance of keeping your email lists clean. People change jobs so often most of your list can be outdated in six months while statistics show that 30% of your list is completely unusable within a year.

Luckily, there are tools and data appending agencies which can help you check if the emails on your contact list will go to the right person. 

1. DataValidation

DataValidation is deemed best email cleaning tool by marketing and sales professionals. All you have to do is upload your list of contacts and it can tell you not only whether the email is correct or not, but even whether it’s been used recently. They have excellent user experience and they even provide you with a quality score explaining what percentage of your list is usable. Unfortunately, they are one of the most expensive tools as well. For 10k emails, you will have to pay $50, while 100k emails will cost $300.


2. EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify can provide you with information about who are the main complainers on your list and whether you got caught in any spam traps. You can either upload your CVS file or connect it to your MailChimp account. Processing may take somewhere between 30 to 120 minutes depending on the size of your list. You purchase credits which you spend in the pay-as-you-go manner. If you have up to 100 contacts that need to be checked, you can use it for free, while uploading 10K emails will cost you $24 and 100K emails will cost you $169.


3. Email Hippo

Email Hippo has been in the biz for over 10 years. It prevents soft and hard bounces and they are able to process large quantities of email (about 40 million per month) which can be valuable for big companies. Another thing that might be important for big players is that they are GDPR compliant. Email Hippo is also one of the most expensive tools out there, which means that for 10k emails you can expect to pay $82 and for 100k exactly $389.


4. Neverbounce

Neverbounce offers a free signup and you can test any size of data for free. They have unlimited platform integration which means you can use it with Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Contact Forms, Mailchimp, Marketo, Pardot etc. Neverbounce has the ability to check 10k emails in 2 to 10 minutes, while a list of 100k will use up only 45 minutes. They’re at the top of the pricey tools list and will verify 10k emails for $50 and 100k emails for $400.


5. Bounceless

Bounceless is the new player in the game comparing to the other tools we mentioned. It’s pretty simple and easy to use so you won’t need to waste your time trying to figure it out and browse tutorials. Bounceless recognizes spam traps to keep you away from that dreadful folder. They also offer an integration with Mailchimp, but customer service tends to be a bit slow. For up to 100 verifications you won’t have to pay anything, which for some may be too few a number. For 10k emails, you will have to cash out $49 and for 100k there is a price of $259. They allow you up to 500k emails in a single upload.


6. Zerobounce

Source: Infinigeek

This is the last of the bounce bunch. Zerobounce does data appending (location, company, telephone number) as well as email verification and they recognize spam traps. You can even enter the exact amount of the emails you need to verify and their calculator will show you the price. Zerobounce has a customer support that is available 24/7 in case you need any help verifying your emails. Cost of a 10 k emails is $30 and 100 k emails are $200 and their trial of up to 100 emails is free. 


7. Xverify

Xverify has a superb customer service and you can call them anytime to speak with a deliverability consult. Their reporting is very detailed and they offer the highest accuracy rates of up to 98%. For those searching postal addresses in US and Canada, Xverify is able to check those as well. They are not selling themselves short either. If you need 10k emails verified you will need to cash out $70 and 100k emails will cost you $400.


8. Klemail

Oui, French know a thing or two about email cleaning as well, not just cooking, art, fashion…well, everything else. And don’t worry there’s an English version. Besides classic email cleaning engine, you will be able to run several tests to make 100% sure and avoid false positive results. Their dashboard is easy to use and well designed. You can use it for free if you upload up to 150 emails, 10k emails will cost you $49,99 and 100k emails will keep you short of $299,99.


9. Email Hunter

Email hunter will help you check the contacts you already have, but also find emails from a website and LinkedIn. It is quite simple to use and you can even download a free extension for Google Chrome that allows you to send a request to the website you’re visiting to take their email addresses and shows a button on a LinkedIn interface which collects emails from the profiles. However, sometimes it can be a bit inaccurate. Although you can use it for free for up to 150 emails, this is the most expensive option out there. For 5k emails, you need to pay 79 EUR and for 50 k emails 319 EUR.


10. Verifalia

Source: iLead

Verifalia is an Italian company so get ready to exchange your dollars for euros once again. It is developed and maintained by Cobisi, one of the best software companies out there. In order to use their services, you will have to purchase credits from your free account. After you upload your emails, you will get a detailed report on which addresses were bad or outdated and why. They are free if you want to verify 125 emails per day, but otherwise, the price is 57 EUR for 10k emails (which take about one hour to process) and 339 EUR for 100 k emails.


11. Kickbox

Kickbox is one of the oldest players in the email cleaning game. They allow you to check and validate millions of email addresses every day and easily separate good ones from the bad in order to keep your spam rep low or nonexistent. However, don’t try any permuting tests to discover an email address, because you may get your account blocked. You can even ask for a refund if you are unhappy with the services, but you have to buy credits in advance. For up to 100 emails you won’t have to pay a thing, but 10 k emails will cost you $70 and 100k will cost you $400.


12. ReachMail

ReachMail will provide list cleaning services as well as free marketing services – it is basically an Account Based Selling tool. You can do A/B testing, segment your contacts, use some of their email templates and connect your account with Google Analytics. They even allow multiple users. The cleaning process is simple and it can clean up to billion emails addresses. They offer unlimited customer support at any time via any channel. ReachMail free account will allow you to validate 15,000 emails every month for free, while 10k emails will cost you $40 and 150k emails $599.


13. ListWise

ListWise is different because it allows you to choose whether you want to pay prepaid or get a monthly subscription. It also automatically corrects any typo mistakes in your email list and it is available for desktop, mobile and tablet. A free trial will allow you to verify up to 100 emails, but you will have to pay $59 or $44 for a monthly subscription for 10k emails and $189 or $158 for a monthly subscription for 100k emails. 


14. ExperianDataQuality

ExperianDataQuality operates in the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, France and Singapore. They have worked with big names like Aldo, Northwestern University and Hastings Mutual Insurance Company. They provide other data enrichment services as well, not only emails verification. Unfortunately, their pricing is only available upon request.


15. Email Yoyo

Email YoYo has been used by the likes of eBay, Yellow Pages and Microsoft Game Studios apparently. However, if you want to check your email data you will have to pack it all in one list or face additional cost and their reporting will divide the contacts roughly into Bad, Good and Unknown. Email YoYo claims to be at least 20% more accurate than other verifying tools. It offers a seven-day free trial and after that, you will have to pay $74 for up to 30 k emails and $149 for up to 100 k emails. 


How to add value to cleaned contact data?

Once you got your email list cleaned from existing email, our data updating and appending service is a perfect next step to maximize the value of your contacts. if you want to maintain the quality of the data on the highest level, our semi-automated process is the most effective way to go. 

ADD NEW CONTACTS TO THE EXISTING ACCOUNT - If you realize that a majority of contacts related to one account is outdated, our research team could find new employees, matching your ICP.  

UPDATE CRM FIELDS - In addition, if you have changed or added new fields in your CRM our team can add the missing data to leads/contacts. 

So, go ahead, use any of the above-mentioned tools and then let us know if you need any help.


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