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Use Labor Day For Emails


There’s nothing better than a day off especially if it’s, ironically, during Labor Day. Our forefathers fought long and hard for the holiday that we can enjoy now.

The sad part is that Labor Day also means official end of summer and officially your last chance to prepare a nice outdoor barbecue in the back yard with friends and family. 

But hey, that also means, the end of the slowest, most difficult season for sales and marketing departments.

But what if you used Labor Day to send some emails?

Sure, you might get a few “Don’t bother me during holiday!” or “Go to hell!” replies, but other than that what do you have to lose?

We know that using days off for emails may sound odd, but it can actually increase your open, click and reply rates. Even though, some people cringe at the very thought of receiving an email during holiday there are quite a few studies that prove the exact opposite. What is more, marketers will probably tell you there’s no better time for email campaign than holiday.

Of course, Christmas is the easiest and most effective holiday for emailing, but what about others?

According to Yesware, emails are opened and read during holiday just as much as any other working day. And this doesn’t only relate to Christmas, but to President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day and even Labor Day.

While Columbus Day counts as the busiest one for sales emails, Labor and Memorial Day are the ones with least emails being sent. Now your chances are even higher. Not only are you not competing with tasks and project emails, you’re not even competing with other sales emails.

There is actually a scientific explanation for such high email open rate. Supposedly, our brains are used to receiving new information every day and once it stops or decreases (during holidays), we pay even more attention to anything new that comes our way.

Tailor Your Messaging For Holiday

Using simple logic of all those who are not sending their emails during holidays, your emails will actually have a better chance of being read and replied to. Your email is not just another annoying sales proposition in the overcrowded Inbox full of actual business tasks, but a nice holiday message with something little extra in it.

However, make sure that your holiday emails are actually helpful. Don’t just throw anything in your prospects inbox hoping it will catch on just because nobody else is prospecting. Know what it is they need during Labor Day and offer it to them.

For example, for Sales Labor Day means dangerously close to the end of the dreadful Q3 which means awfully close to not fulfilling their sales quota for the season. Knowing this, make sure that your email offers just that – a help for them to reach their Q3 sales quota. Maybe you have a sales tool that they can use or maybe you can offer them lead generation services and help them attract new customer within weeks. Useless email will get you angry replies, useful emails will most likely give you new clients.

You can even use Labor Day to remind your old customers about your new offers. Tell your former clients you hope they are having a good time and let them know you’re thinking about them and their needs.

Make A Special Holiday Offer

Holidays are a great time to make a special offer to your old, current and future customers. Maybe extra special for each suggested category.

Depending on the holiday you can tailor your offer accordingly. It can be time limited – one week or one day discount.

For example, Labor Day’s timing in Q3 makes it a perfect opportunity for you to offer something that can help your prospects reach their sales quota. Even if they’re not considering any new purchases, a special price or upsell can trigger their decision to reach out for last minute help.

Attract Your Prospects With Useful Content

Holidays are actually the only time most business people, especially decision makers that you’re targeting have to do some research and catch up on the latest trends in business. This means C-level people finally have the time to read some of your blogs.

Use your email outreach to send some blogs or eBooks that you think might be useful for them. Maybe they are looking for new products and service for their company. Maybe they already started planning their budget for the following year. Maybe you can help them solve the problem that’s been troubling them all year long in the last minute.

Create interesting CTAs that will clearly explain what your blog is about and invite them to discover your expertise on the topic.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up

Now that you’ve got their attention with your email and educational content, don’t leave it at that.

Make sure they don’t forget about you the minute they start devouring that third grilled pork chop. 

Send a friendly follow up email a few days after just to remind them about your offer that you so kindly presented during holiday. 

Be Careful With Holiday Emails

But remember – one friendly follow up. Spamming their inbox with emails hoping that you will be noticed will have the complete opposite effect of what you’re hoping for. 

Having your prospects phone buzz with offers every few hours will aggravate them to the point where they’ll never buy from you again.

Also, make sure your holiday emailing has an exact strategic purpose and goal.

If you do decide to make a risky move and send your emails on holidays - do it the smart way.

Tailor your message, compose your email so that the message is clear and have a special time limited offer.

Anything other than that puts your brand and your business at risk.

If you do it right, you’re looking at the sales revenue like you’ve never seen before.




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