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In our previous blog posts we have written about what Growth hacking is and how to get started. We noted that growth hacking is just a new name for old strategies combined with great new perception and different tools. 

Depending on the industry you are in, your development stage, your targeted market and sales cycle, there are numerous „hacks“ you can use. Here is a list of a few growth-oriented tactics everyone needs.  

B2B Lead Generation and data appending 

In order to grow you need to sell, and in order to sell you need someone to sell to, which means you need leads. We have written extensively on the various B2B lead generation tactics available out there, ranging from finding emails yourself via LinkedIn to outsourcing to a Lead Generation company. 

B2B lead generation is the best tactic if it’s targeted and thought through. In this particular option, you will be getting cold leads but if you know who your perfect client would be, the simplest way to get connected with them is exactly B2B lead generation. 

When doing online research and lead generation, just remember to include data points you may use to feed your other channels. For example, for some of our clients we are including Twitter handles and Facebook profiles into the contact details. We can then use these data points to target the same people through advertising campaigns. The effect is amplified once your sales and your marketing teams are enabled to work as one. 

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SEO and Blogging 

Yup, the old good SEO. You need to have your website and content optimized for search engines, because healthy and growing traffic to your website means more visibility and more conversions – read growth. Get yourself familiarized with SEO basics and implement them. 

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There are a lot of bits and pieces to this process as search engines (read Google) are becoming “smarter”. The best long-tail solution is to focus on regularly producing quality and relevant blog posts. You may need to sacrifice quality at first, until you get yourself organized. 

Creating and sharing valuable content should be a must if it’s important to you to increase your visibility, build your authority and attract the right kind of leads – people who are already interested in what you have to offer. Take a look at some tips on getting content inspiration (hyperlink to 6 Guerrilla Tactics for Inbound Marketing blog post) and about writing a good blog post.

Building a solid back linking strategy 

Besides blogging you should focus on building a strong back linking strategy. There are few quick tricks, like paying for placing your website URL into relevant directories, or issuing a press release with guaranteed online distribution and links to your website. 

Make sure to focus on building relevant links so you can have relevant click through. Some of the best ways are – guest blogging and links from .edu, .org or .gov websites. Think of the best ways to offer something to education related and governmental websites like job posting, scholarships, and free services or you can start a competition to spread the word about your company.

Back linking can’t be controlled but it can be influenced. Our advice is to sit down with you PR department and think of the best way to be present and visible among different groups from industry leaders, blogosphere, students, governmental organizations and local community. 

Remember – A/B test everything 

Growth hacking is coders’ way of marketing, right. The most important heritage from a coder to a marketer is testing everything.  A/B test every campaign you come up with and make sure to launch the one that works best. 

If you are sending an email, test subjects, CTAs and body of it. If you are doing an online campaign, create different ad sets with just one variable and run a month of testing before you put more money into anything. 

If you are drawing visitors to a landing page and want them to convert, test your language, value proposition and CTA. 

These are just some of the ways you can play around with growth hacking yourself. If you are however ready to launch a proper growth hacking initiative and need someone to help you with it, make sure to check out our growth hacking services or contact us for a free consultation. 

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