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We gathered 6 inspiring Account Based Marketing campaigns from which you can gather insight for your next big campaign.

Read this if you don’t know what Account Based Marketing is and follow these steps before thinking about contacting your first prospect.

These companies used a different approach to grab their account’s attention and spice things up.

Learn from these Account Based Marketing examples

1. Product + human touch + content

The company in question helps customers generate more online reviews.

Their idea was to send a package containing printed customer review, handwritten note and a branded sticker to their target accounts.

The printed review was there to remind potential clients of the power of advocacy and how satisfying it feels to read a good review.

The handwritten note had a role of creating a more personal connection. We spend so much of our time reading through screens, and when we do read from paper it’s usually printed out (or a hand-scribbled shopping list).

The last touch was a branded sticker, an inexpensive way to present your brand in an interesting way (people usually like stickers).

Depending on the influencer targeted, some packages contained a hard copy of their Ebook with a valuable content.

One interesting thing the company utilized was the usage of UPS. Instead of just sending an envelope, they had a way to track when the package was received in order to make a timely follow-up.

Using ABS doesn’t mean you can’t do any testing. The company in this example split their accounts into those who received positive and those who received negative reviews. recipients.

The key finding was that packages with positive reviews garnered 95% of replies and that people listened more when the message was positive.

Result: the response rate was 29% while the sales-qualified opportunities conversion rate was 1.6%.

What if they added a candy in the box?

Glad you asked because they did!

In one of their next ABM campaigns, the packages were stuffed inside a Piñata filled with candy.


They also avoided sending negative reviews and added some social proof in form of testimonials.

Results improved, making that campaign one of their best ABM campaigns ever.

Lesson to learn:

The insight from the first campaign helped, so don’t be discouraged if your first account based marketing campaign didn’t produce the desired effect.

Also, if you use direct mail make it fun somehow!

Regardless of your approach, whether you are using emails, direct mail, conferences, etc. having highly targeted leads is the first step for a successful account-based marketing campaign.

You wouldn’t ask an artist to paint your walls white. So don’t waste your sales rep time for data gathering. Save resources by hiring professionals who can gather contact data efficiently and at a lower cost.

This way you can invest more resources in crafting the perfect ABM approach.

2. A superhero who sells

GumGum was trying to sell its computer vision technology to T-Mobile as they were unrolling their unlimited data plan.

They saw on social media that the CEO of T-Mobile was a huge Batman fan, so they decided to try a more “heroic” approach.

The goal was to employ a team of editors, writers and illustrators who made a true comic book which promoted their product in an innovative way by using storytelling.

A response came from the CEO himself, who praised the campaign on Twitter shortly after 100 copies of the comic book had been sent to T-Mobile and its agencies.

Lesson to learn:

The power of social media enables strategies which were much harder to pull of in the past.

Before the rise of social media, you would have to be (or know people) very close to C level execs in order to know such a personal detail. Now you can learn about your prospects every single day and use it in your experiments.

3. Winning over McDonald's with a Big Mac

To land a really big company like McDonald's will require something very special. Forget about personalized emails, they probably get 50 of those a day.

You have to spike interest in a way which presents how your target can benefit from your product. A great way is to use the language and the metaphors of the brand you are targeting.

This example also comes from GumGum, who sent kits containing a Big Mac filled with “ingredients” which presented different aspects of their service and showcased what makes them special.

mcdonalds account based marketing

Lesson to learn:

By using the same terminology, GumGum was able to explain something complex, such as computer vision technology in a relatable and easy-to-understand way.

mcdonalds abm

Think about how you can utilize your target’s lingo and metaphors in your approach. It would be hard if it’s a tech company, but you could consult with a friend or hire someone to help you craft the perfect approach.

4. How nostalgia sets you apart

We ‘ll see once again how finding a creative and interesting way to present your offer can spark interest.

Rapid7 sent old school View-Masters with picture wheels presenting the launch of their newest product. I imagine lots of you don’t have an idea what View-Master is, but this thing was huge in the 1980s.

It was a great way to get someone to actually want to see what’s being offered.

The response was very good. And even in those cases where Rapid7 didn’t get the sale, it sure set the stage for any future business.

Lesson to learn:

Think about using a non-traditional medium to present your offer, but don’t lose focus of your message. If you were to send a VR rollercoaster experience with your pitch in the background it would be hard for the prospect to understand how they can benefit from your service.

5. An empty box can work too!

By now I hope you are not thinking about sending diamonds or vibranium to your targets - an empty box could do the job!

dog in a box

We do not recommend sending cute puppers though.

Well, not just any box. And this account based marketing example proves it.

Localytics sent an empty iPad mini box with an insert talking about their value proposition, messaging and their offer.

What was the catch - if targets met with them they would get the free iPad mini, the one they have used to record their message. Did this work?

But sure, huge companies wouldn’t go nuts over a free iPad. It’s the creativity and well-composed offer that sets the stage for closing a deal.

Lesson to learn:

You don’t need flashy and expensive things in order to use direct mail in your ABS approach. Well crafted proposal hiding in an interesting package is even more interesting.

6. Web personalization for different users

Web personalization for Account Based Marketing purposes can be utilized in many ways.

Dynamic content can be used to personalize websites for different accounts, decision makers or even individuals on the same decision making level.

One IT company identified two verticals and structured personalized web experience for both of them (keeping the original).

How they adapted the website for different users:

  • Different imagery and messaging for their respective fields

  • Personalized content recommendations (different whitepapers, blogs, case studies)

Lesson to learn:

Web personalization leads to higher conversion rates, as there is less unnecessary information which would cause confusion and increase bounce rates.

Other Account Based Marketing tactics

Direct mail is the most talked about when it comes to ABS examples. But there are other ways to implement this approach, especially within the digital era.

PPC advertising

Everyone who has a smartphone is being tracked, and that’s a lot of people.

The good news is that you can reach the people you want without knowing who they are by creating very precise custom audiences on:

  • Facebook

  • Adwords

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

You can use all these networks to reach your targets. Using custom audiences is just a start as you need to win them over with personalized content and specific messaging.


Creating personalized email threads is probably the most used account based marketing approach for B2B targets.

Principles remain the same, know your target and learn how to write proper emails.


Whether internal or external, events provide an excellent groundwork for reaching your targets. Find out who will be attending and try to schedule a meeting before the event or if that’s not possible approach them on the spot.

What you really need for Account Based Marketing

Contact info of your prospects. You need the physical addresses, you need it for their emails. And you need it custom made for you.

Besides having a cross-organizational cooperation, generating high-quality contact data is the foundation for any AB activity.

Market Republic can help you land those 20/80 clients by gathering extensive contact data with key decision makers in the target community with a great accuracy.

Not sure you should use ABS? Here are 5 signs it’s time make the switch to Account Based Marketing.

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