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Our 10th Week in sales is full of ultimate guides that will help you learn the basics or learn something you may have missed in the process. 

The advice on writing better cold sales email is always welcome, so we find out how to write better opening and ending sentences.

We read an amazing motivating story from Michael Pici on how he became Sales Director in five years by doing what he was not supposed or expected to do.

There is some advice on how to automate your sales campaigns with Salesforce and what you should do to have a good campaign.

Ultimate Guides

HubSpot gives any sales newbie or veteran who is just starting with CRM an extensive guide on what using a CRM actually means and how it can benefit you and your team. You will become more organized (something we all want to achieve), you will be able to track your prospects’ place in the sales funnel and you can even keep useful notes about your prospects that will help you and any new sales rep catch up quickly. What is most important, you will have valuable data about your sales efforts and be able to adjust them accordingly in the future.

Another HubSpot ultimate guide is about sales hiring. They think you should first think of a hiring profile, then come up with questions that will additionally qualify your candidates, write a detailed but realistic job description, build your employee pipeline so you get the best quality and finally measure and tweak. Discover which methods of hiring works and which don’t and implement them the next time you’re on the hunt for the sales rep or manager.

The third ultimate guide from HubSpot speaks about the trickiest part of selling (or easiest, depends on your personality type) – face to face meetings. HubSpot believes that face-to-face meetings are more effective in sales. You can see other people’s feelings and moods, you can talk as much as you like and you’re more likely to keep other person’s attention. For an effective meeting, you will have to prepare, pay attention to your appearance and first impression, posture and eye contact. 

Reply.io offers the ultimate guide to sales automation tools. Here you will find the likes of Grammarly, UberConference, Attach, Time Zone Converter and even their own Reply tool. There are tools which can help you with lead generation, email verification and content, as well as few helpful extras. HubSpot presents its own ultimate guide to sales automation where they explain how it can benefit sales reps and how it is good for sales managers. 

Write Better Sales Emails

Sujan Patel of Sales Hacker advises you how to write better opening sentences in your sales emails. His main point is never to start by presenting yourself and your company, but instead, leave that part for the later in your email and to jump right to the (pain) point. Even worse is asking them to do you a favor or promise something that is clearly impossible like growing sales by 100%, for example. This article offers and two valuable videos about writing sales emails in general and treating your prospects like a bank account.

On the other hand, HubSpot gives you advice on how to end your sales emails. There are 16 alternatives to most used phrase “Thank you in advance”, that have similar meaning, but make your email more original and creative. 

Becoming Sales Director in Five Years

Michael Pici writes in his HubSpot blog how he went from Sales Executive to Sales Director in only five years. He started with lead generation by using his own money to buy leads, however, he was skeptic about their quality and decided to do lead generation on his own. He started building his own HubSpot website aimed at new customers that could buy the new HubSpot software and he did it in the evening and on weekends. This transferred him to a product department where he was actually paid less than as a Sales Executive. He helped develop the product and helped them achieve $10 million annual recurring revenue, after which he asked to be a Director of Sales. 

Michael believes that success is not just in doing your job the best you can, but also in finding where your company can grow and identifying how to serve the needs of that business.

Automate Your Sales Campaigns For Optimum Results

Akoonu blog argues that there are many sales reps who are either not entering data into their Salesforce or are wasting too much time managing it. So they offer best solutions to help your sales reps spend just enough time updating their sales data. For example, you can automate it as much as possible and eliminate duplicate work. 

GetResponse gives you advice on how to organize your sales campaigns in five easy steps. You should take email as a foundation of your outreach, but follow with a voicemail and a call, engage on social media (especially LinkedIn), maybe ad a video as a form of personalization and even a snail mail with a tiny present for your prospect.

Week In Sales No 10 – Wrap Up

This is what we found to be most interesting in sales during our tenth week of sales knowledge sharing.

Did you read or write anything that could help us learn something new?

If so, feel free to contact us and send us interesting links, we’d be happy to share the article with the world.



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