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Is it better to pay lead generation per lead or per hour

There are numerous ways in which you can get leads. You may choose to keep your lead list building efforts in-house and attract them with interesting and relevant content through your website and social media. You can buy lists in bulk, hire a freelancer to do the lead generation for you or outsource it to a specialized agency.

Why up to date contact list is one of the most important things in your sales and marketing efforts

Every salesperson and marketer knows the importance of their contact list. It’s a treasure trove full of potential customers that will, provided you sent them the right information, soon become your dear customers. This may be old news for people in the sales and marketing, but it’s breaking news for the startups. 

Outsourcing Your Lead Generation: Freelancers Vs. Agencies

The reasons behind sales and marketing professionals deciding to outsource lead generation are mostly the lack of time and internal resources backed by a wish to focus on more important tasks. 

How to Kickoff Your Q1 Sales The Best Possible Way?

Most experienced salespeople know how to start their selling year, they gather their team, explain the expectations for the following year and determine the sales strategies and processes. But what do you do when you’re a startup and you just assembled your future sales superheroes, where do you start?

Jumpstart Your Q1 Sales With These 5 Quick Cold Sales Email Tips

No matter if you are a budding startup, a growing small business or a well-established company – you need cold sales emails. They are your first contact with the people who have not heard of you, don’t know you or your business, but who could benefit from your product or service. Cold sales emails can help you sell, schedule a meeting or even find a new employee.

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