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What To Do When You Discover You’re About To Miss Your Q4 Sales Quota

There are a thousand ways things can go wrong in Q4. You could be having a conversation with prospects for months and at the last minute, they decide that they will choose the competition over you. You could be using the same arguments that had successful outcome a million times before, but now you can’t seem to get any new customers. We don’t want to be your life coach or anything, but there are few things that you can do for yourself and your prospects if you want to meet or exceed your Q4 sales quota.

Old-School Sales Reps VS Modern Reps

There are countless articles about the most important personality trait a salesperson should possess, many of which are based on real, scientific evidence and others from personal observations. Both are fitting for discussion and should be taken into consideration when approaching a prospect. Every person has a unique personality and character which are their biggest strengths when it comes to differentiating themselves from the crowd - although there are certain personality traits that some of the most successful salespersons possess. 

5 Hacks To Accelerate Sales In Your Startup

Sales in a startup may seem like they’re taking forever, especially when the newbie company is making zero revenue. You need to sell more in order to grow your team and your product and you find yourself in the vicious circle. But there are a few selling hacks that have proven their worth in giving those sales a shot of adrenaline.

Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute or Jim Halpert, Which Salesperson Are You

Every salesperson has a unique sales personality that differentiates them from others. And this uniqueness is your biggest strength if you stay authentic and consistent. That means you are acting in a way that feels natural and genuine and it will naturally make it easier to keep up. As a salesperson, you likely have created your own style that works for you. But have you ever wondered how you would stack up against some of the most famous salespeople from pop culture?

Improving Your Career By Cultivating Sales Mindset

It seems that the moment Halloween is over, people start putting up Christmas lights. Which in our words means that we are already deep into Q4, but there’s still two months left so there’s no need to panic. Yet. In October’s month in sales you can have a look at some interesting articles from the past month and see what you can learn from them, and hopefully implement them into your business plan. 

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