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Over 200 Sales Stats To End 2017

It seems the previous week in sales has been all about stats. Which makes sense. We are at the beginning of Q4 and we should analyze our previous sales efforts to see what was right and what was wrong. We find out what happens when you go the extra mile in your attempts to connect with new contacts and how automating the personalization of every email can help you boost sales.

How To Win Your First (and 1000th) Customer As A B2B Startup

Read about the strategies we suggest you implement to get your first customer, and then your 10th, 100th and 1000th customer as a B2B startup.

When And How To Hire New Sales Reps

Hiring new sales reps may seem like an easy task. You will ask them about their previous experience, they will try to present themselves in the best light possible and you’ll start making decisions based on your hiring sixth sense. Then in few weeks or months, your expectations won’t be met and you’ll inevitably start a war with your new hire and all because you didn’t explain upfront what it is that you want and what you can give them in return. Hiring new employees would be so much easier if everyone just asked role-related questions right away and explained what is expected of a certain job title.

5 Step Sales Plan For B2B Startups

Planning your sales as a startup may be the last thing on your mind because there are so many other things to do regarding solution development, new hires, legal issues, and making sure everything runs smoothly. But how are you going to survive and grow if you don’t sell? Also, your investors will expect you to have a clear prediction about how much you can sell and earn. The best way to know this is to have a clear plan about your sales process and goals.

Improve Your Direct Sales Skills And Get Friendly With Tech

This October we are starting our new blog series – Month in sales. We rediscover best articles from previous month and bring them to you to read, learn and implement ASAP because Q4 is here to stay.

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