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AI threats are everywhere nowadays. From new Blade Runner coming to our cinemas in less than a month to the media warnings about artificial intelligence taking our jobs first..and then everything else. Of course, this is an easy topic for websites to get clicks, but how do people whose job actually is affected by AI right now (ie. Sales reps) really feel about the change in their scope of work. 

Mistakes Startups Make When Doing B2B Lead Generation

Some startups prefer doing their own lead generation and, as long as they have resources and time to dedicate to it, it’s a good choice. However, you should make sure that you’re not making mistakes that could make a huge hole in your budget and reputation.

Close More Deals With Consultative Selling and Sales Cadence

With vacation time officially behind us, we ask you can a sales representative really disconnect during his or hers time off? Do you close the deals and answer your business related messages during vacation? Do you at least check your email?

reasons startups need lead generation

The stories of startups are more or less the same. A couple of friends or colleagues that are outstanding at what they do and have new ideas decide to make their own company and offer their services and products to the world. After a few attempts they finally succeed in making their product or service exactly the way they want it but that’s when the trouble starts. 

win at negotiating and gain trust

Holidays are over. It’s time to fasten your seat belt and rush into the final quarters of the year in order to reach or surpass your annual quota. Sales experts will teach you how to gain trust from your potential customers in no time and then win at every negotiation. There are some tips on how to create content for each stage of buyer’s journey and how to use content to sell more.

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