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 In this post you will find out three different ways to generate B2B leads using Quora, with detailed instructions, tips and takeaways.

Cleaning Your Email List

We have spoken on several occasions about the importance of keeping your email lists clean. People change jobs so often most of your list can be outdated in six months while statistics show that 30% of your list is completely unusable within a year. Luckily, there are tools and data appending agencies which can help you check if the emails on your contact list will go to the right person.

How to start sales in your startup when you don’t have a clue about sales

Sales are usually the last thing on startup owners’ minds. They think about developing their product or service, hiring top-notch people to help them in that mission, fixing every problem that occurs along the way and managing everyday projects and tasks. But then they realize they actually need to sell that product or service to someone. Or the investors ask about their sales and they don’t have an answer because they didn’t even consider it. Sales are inevitable in any business and the sooner you understand how important they are – the better.

decision makers linkedin

LinkedIn is an important network for anyone doing business, especially sales and marketing. You can easily reach your target audience and find the decision makers important for your business. What is more, this LinkedIn is estimated to be so valuable that the Microsoft purchased the entire network for $26.2 billion. LinkedIn is used for sales, job posting and headhunting, as well as marketing campaigns and sharing valuable business knowledge with 70 million of monthly active users on their SlideShare platform. 

Onboarding Lead List Building Agency

Many companies are reluctant to outsource their lead list building out of fear that it may take too much of their time or turn into an organizational nightmare. So sometimes without even asking that very agency how the process works they give up and decide to spend hours and hours doing their own lead list building or outsource it to a less qualified third party. Let us tell you right away – it is not a complicated process.

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