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The open, click-through and conversion rates of standard email marketing are notoriously low, which is why some people are skeptical about email marketing and sales. But email sending does pay off, especially if automated, personalized, and applied on a big prospect list. 

Growth Hacking Tips - Revive Marketing Data with B2B Lead Gen and Market Research

Some companies focus solely on their inbound marketing programs, but they forget about all the possibilities offered by B2B lead gen activities. Other companies focus on their outbound sales programs, but they underestimate the power of digital marketing programs. Yet both of these groups of companies fail to realize that you can combine and synchronize outbound and inbound lead generation and maximize your ROI!

The most important goal startups have is growing fast. Effective growth means more closed deals, and for that to happen you need a good base to start with – leads for your sales team. The sales pipeline is a number game, we all know that, and if you play it smart it can be very rewarding. 

How to Write Effective Sales Emails

Writing an effective email for sales outreach is tough if you are inexperienced. The competition is fiercer than ever and people receive dozens of sales emails, if not more, daily. The way buyers think and buy has evolved together with technology and so should your sales efforts.

Find Emails via LinkedIn – 5 Handy Tools

As the demand for leads and contact details is very high, especially in last 5 years, a bunch of different tools, especially Google Chrome plugins were created in order to let you gather someone’s contact details. 

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