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Find out exactly how we set up the inside sales process in less than one month and helped test 7 verticals, generating more than 2.000 high-quality contact data, while saving over $100.000.

The Client

Intelisale is a young, technology and product focused startup, targeting enterprise clients from wholesale and distribution industry across the USA and Europe.

Intelisale’s innovative B2B omni-channel sales solution uses an AI-powered platform to increase sales productivity through all sales channels like field sales, telesales to e-commerce.

With Intelisale, wholesalers and distributors are able to leverage technology within one single platform and completely manage and improve sales and overall organization productivity for up to 50%.

The Challenge

Intelisale needed support in market segmentation, inside sales process setup, presales activities as well as sales enablement.

They were looking for a valuable partner that could support their entire sales initiative in order to test the grounds fast and effective.

Intelisale wanted to test new markets and actively attract new clients to see if the product will be a good fit for the rest of the market.

Market Republic recommendation was to test multiple industries, and determine if there is any need to tweak the product or perfect the inside sales process before going into full-scale selling mode.

Throughout this process, we managed to gather valuable information regarding product functionalities, learn more about Intelisale potential customers, their needs and expectation so to adjust Buyer personas, sales process and create future product development roadmaps.

And this is exactly how we did it.

Defining the Inside sales process and ICP

The first step in setting up an inside sales process is defining your ideal customer profile.

We started with recognizing Intelisale USP’s in comparison to the competition.

In Intelisale’s case it was the usage of machine learning, big data and AI for data processing, under a single platform that can enable, manage, steer and feed entire sales teams no matter the channel.

We cross-referenced these USP’s and product functionalities with market pain points, and were able to identify our ideal customer profile.

The ICP comprised of enterprise level companies from wholesale and distribution industry that had more than 100 sales reps and a large number of products and product categories within their portfolio.

We focused our outreach on developed English speaking markets in Europe, including Israel and USA.

One of the criteria was whether companies used similar solution or not. Both of those cases had their pros and cons.

It is important to determine the nature of your product so you can figure out which group you need to target.

In our case, we decided on companies which haven’t used similar solutions, because experience showed us there is a great deal of resistance to change with these types of products.

One of the issues was that the product was “too” modern for wholesale and distribution companies, which employ a more traditional company culture.

And we had to devise a way to overcome deeply rooted opinions during the inside sales process.

What was the Buyer Persona and bottom-up approach

When it came to determining Buyer Persona we used Intelisale’s existing client as a starting point and utilized Intelisale’s vast experience in B2B wholesale to gather necessary information.

The decision was made to go with the Bottom-Up approach.

We identified that the decision making was done on the CEO level, but in this case, it was more prosperous to target influencers bellow that will give us more info on the company needs and eventually push the idea up to the decision makers.

In order to implement Bottom-Down approach, you would need some kind of a direct access to the top level management, whether it be on events, or using PR and thought leadership tactics, which Intelisale was unable to implement at this stage.

How to help sales team and enable sales

Market Republic also created necessary position statement, company deck, case studies and productivity related stories as well as use cases so to empower the sales talk and industry vertical testing.

An important step during the sales is objection handling.

In order to equip the sales team with the best data, we created so called, Battle cards, where we figured out exactly what makes Intelisale better than the competition.

Through a methodical approach and testing subject lines as well as every other part of the inside sale process, Market Republic was able to find the most successful way to entice potential users and obtain quality leads.

Within our outbound email outreach, open rate peaked at 25% and averaged at 11.4%.

The Result

Within 1 month we have kick-started an entire inside sales process for Intelisale. Within 6 months we have tested 7 verticals, filled bottom of the pipeline with 2.338 high-quality leads and gained 3 major opportunities.

Outsourcing this process saved Intelisale over $100.000 in cash, which would be the average cost of hiring a sales director and a business development manager for developed markets. Not factoring in the time Intelisale saved.

However, numbers don’t tell the whole story.

The valuable feedback from the market ensured Intelisale is on the right track and that there was still work to be done on the product before developing a full-blown sales engine. If the client had gone on a large scale selling campaign without testing the grounds first they would be risking a lot of resources and money. This way, Inteliasale was able to test some hypotheses fast and effective without too much risk or cost.

What Maja Lazarević, COO at Intelisale said about our work: 

“Market Republic team is everything a growing company needs. We have been able to kickstart and fully define our inside sales processes within a month, keeping maximum control of our overall spent. Market Republic helped us be more precise in market segmentation and ICP defining while leading us through industry vertical testing. It is a very successful cooperation bringing immediate value to the entire company. What I value the most is Market Republic's hands on approach with Intelisale.”

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